AL MASSAT LIL TEWRIDAT ALKIMAWIA Currently Represents various Prestigious Market Leaders In Different Sectors:

1.Pharmacology and Veterinary :

(USP in USA , Suheung in Korea, Piramal in India, Biocon in India, and Lambiotte in  Belgium)


“Global Expertise, Trusted Standards, Improved Health”

USP Mission

To improve universal health through public standards and related programs that help ensure the quality, safety, and advantage of medicine and food.
Since it was founded in the year 1820, USP helped securing the quality of the American drug supply. Building on this legacy, USP works today with scientists, practitioners, and regulators of various nationalities to help protect public health worldwide.
The U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) is a scientific non-profit organization that sets standards for the identity, strength, quality, and purity of medicine, food ingredients, and dietary supplements that are manufactured, distributed and consumed worldwide.
USP drug standards are enforceable in the United States of America by the Food and Drug Administration, and such standards are developed and obeyed by more than 140 Countries.
USP standards are developed and revised by more than 850 volunteer experts, including international participants who work with USP under strict conflict of interest regulations.


Biocon is an emerging global biopharmaceutical enterprise, that focuses on delivering affordable innovation. It is committed to reducing treatment costs of chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases through leveraging India’s cost advantage to deliver affordable healthcare solutions to patients, partners and healthcare systems around the world.

.suheung capsule

Suheung Capsule seeks to secure a strong structural foundation so as to generate maximum profits under this fast changing economic conditions and business environments.

Mission of Suheung Capsule

To become an outstanding capsule company in the globe through its line of high quality products, and to lever its professionalism levels through the quality branches it has.



Piramal Critical Care

Piramal Critical Care Division focuses on innovative solutions that generate value for patients and care providers. Piramal constantly digs for opportunities to develop and launch new generation anesthetic products. Piramal is a global leader in producing Halothane (controls ~90% of the market share) and Isoflurane (controls ~60% of the market share).
Piramal is the third largest player in the global market of Inhalation Anesthesia (IA). This would surely leverage Piramal’s strong network of 84 partners in over 100 Countries worldwide to provide solutions to the largest possible number of patients.
Piramal Critical Care is a business unit of Piramal Healthcare Limited. Piramal Critical Care Product Portfolio includes a wide range of Inhalation Anaesthetics; including Sevoflurane, Halothane, Isoflurane and Enflurane, and Intravenous Anaesthetics; including Propofol and Regional Anaesthetics; including Bupivacaine, Muscle Relaxants such as Atracurium and Plasma Volume Expanders such as Polygeline.
Lambiotte & Cie excels in the elaboration of innovative solvents; Acetals.
Lambiotte & Cie offers numerous linear and cyclic molecules, and do perpetual research to regularly come up with new substances.

Products of Lambiotte & Cie:



2.Feeds: ADM in USA and Shandong Aocter in China




ADM’s animal health and nutrition business supports broiler, layer and turkey operations, as exactly needed whether through the provision of products or services or a combination of both.
ADM has a comprehensive line of feed ingredients to assist customers in efficiently dealing with feed and food quality, and environment safety related issues.
ADM also provides the same offerings for other poultry species such as ducks, geeses, pheasants, quails and other game birds.
ADM’s L-Lysine HCl, Liquid L-Lysine 50%, and L-Threonine are all composed of 100% isomerically pure L-amino acids, which translates into maximal bioavailability of livestock. By reducing waste and nitrogen excretions; these products can also help reduce harmful ecological effects.


Soycomil is a high quality soy protein concentrate which is especially designed for animal feed industry .
The unique Soycomil production process generate a highly digestible soy protein through inactivating the  anti nutritional factors and removing the soluble carbohydrates.


Shandong Aocter Chemical Company Ltd. (Originally Gaotang General Chemical Plant) is a competent chemical Enterprise that is exports oriented, in addition to being the largest Choline Chloride and Furfural manufacturer and exporter.
Shandong Aocter employs around 960 employees including 236 engineers and technicians. The company has the following specialized factories; one mainly producing Furfural, Choline Chloride, Sodium Acetate and high and new technological biochemical products and three subsidiaries outside Shandong Province; one producing high and new biochemical products, another specialized in trade development, and a provincial grade Research and Development Center.
The Company also obtained the ISO 9001 Quality Control Certification in 2001, and is the first company in China that obtained the HACCP Food Safety Certification. The Company also owns China’s first Choline Chloride GMP production line.
Moreover, the Company was appraised as a high and new technological Enterprise in the year 2004. It is also the nominated as the Choline Chloride supplier by the Trade Associations in more than ten Countries including Belgium, Canada, Japan, and France.

3.Food: Ingredia in France, Marcel in the Philippines and Hydrosol in Germany

partners feed

Ingredia is a Dairy Company that develops and produces milk powders, milk proteins, functional systems and innovative bioactives for food, nutrition and health industries around the world.

4. Industries: MANE in France




Our fragrances are nothing but a mix of precious natural essential oils and innovative molecules, which are also the product of a century of know-how and state of the art extraction technologies. MANE observes trends, gives shape to creation and finds answers to consumer needs.


The synthetic molecules and natural ingredients gathered from distant parts of the world are further elaborated, thanks to our in house technologies, internal fundamental research, partnerships with local producers which ultimately constitute a comprehensive collection of the most qualitative and thrilling creations.